Croydon Catholic Primary Schools Umbrella Trust

Welcome to the recruitment website for the Trust, we are a group of schools who have joined together for the benefit of all.  Please browse the site and follow the links to the individual schools to get a full picture of each school.

The Umbrella Trust has the following aims:

  • To enable all Catholic schools within the Umbrella Trust to provide high quality education for all their pupils and achieve the best possible standards.
  • To maintain, promote and develop the Catholic ethos in our schools.
  • To support all the Croydon Catholic Primary Schools in their individual visions and to enable all pupils to achieve their full potential within a Catholic community.
  • To identify areas of strength in our schools.
  • To identify areas of potential difficulty in any of the schools and action appropriate intervention by offering effective and on-going support to any school within the Trust facing challenging circumstances within the capacity of the group.
  • To broker support from external providers as appropriate.
  • To share expertise and best practice.
  • To secure cost effective resources and identify savings through economy of scale purchasing and negotiating services and agreements.


Our Partnership

With this in mind we have formed a local partnership of six schools, committed to working together to share best practice and to provide the support and challenge which schools need to ensure success. Some of the schools within the umbrella trust have already converted to academy status while others are in the process of doing so.                                                                                            Almost all of these schools are judged by Ofsted to be either good or outstanding and there is a huge amount of expertise and strength spread throughout the partnership


As a group, we consider the further benefits of this way of working to be as follows:

– Our partnership will commit to and benefit from robust systems of monitoring and evaluation, including challenge and support, to ensure that everyone aspires to be the best they can be.

– Our partnership will benefit from a shared commitment to staff development to ensure each member of staff has the opportunity to become an outstanding practitioner.

– Our members will collaborate to procure the highest quality services, at the best value, to meet the needs of all the partner schools and embrace future opportunities.

– Our schools will work collaboratively to nurture talent and develop sustainable leadership through quality training, coaching and mentoring.

– Our schools will work together with a range of multi-agencies to ensure the well-being of our communities.